There are few opportunities to have a positive impact in your own back yard.  Here is one of them.  The Friends of the Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway will be active in enhancing your neighborhood with projects of beautification, environmental improvement, historic site restoration and cultural programs.

It is the quiet work of a few that can elicit a positive change in our world. Be part of that change.

Annual memberships are $25 for individual, $40 for family, $100 sustaining, and $500 for corporate.

Join now!

[Note: Don’t be intimidated by the athletic questions by …and this is one time you can lie about your age and no one will know or care.  Sincerely.]

Thank You For Your Support!

The Friends of The Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway
PO Box 90
Clifton Park NY 12065

Current Members (05/20/21):

  • Barb & Eric Hamilton *
  • Kim & Jeff Hamilton
  • John Loz
  • Mary MacDonald *
  • Maryanne & Bob Mackey *
  • Henrietta O’Grady *
  • Ruth Olmsted & Larry Syzdek *
  • Nancy Papish
  • Kendra & David Pratt
  • Athos Rassias
  • Sandy Rohner *
  • Michelle & Patrick Ryan & family
  • Ellen & Greg Schaefer
  • Sara & Eric Schnakenberg
  • Sheri Sears
  • Will Seyse *
  • Norm Shartzer
  • Kay Spence
  • Gary Swalsky

Denotes our charter members *

1 thought on “Membership”

  1. Current members (as of June 13, 2018) include:
    – Stephanie Bandosik
    – Paula Gargiulo
    – Bill Gutelius and family
    – Barb and Eric Hamilton
    – Susan and Alan Lasker
    – John Loz
    – Mary MacDonald
    – Maryanne and Bob Mackey
    – Louise McManus
    – Theresa Newton
    – Henrietta and Harold O’Grady
    – Ruth Olmsted
    – Paul Olund
    – Kendra and David Pratt
    – Isabel Prescott
    – Deb Rausch
    – Sandy Rohner
    – Patrick Ryan and family
    – Will Seyse
    – Sherry and Doug Sears
    – Ken Silber and
    – Linda and Ed Tremblay
    If you have questions about your membership status please contact Eric Hamilton, Membership Director


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