Registration Breather

Sue Lasker, Loueen Whalen, Mary Duclos and Isabel Prescott take a break from registration.

The final figures on the duathlon are in.  It was a successful event: it was a safe event, we had 99 competitors registered of which 84 finished along with three 2 person teams.  We had eight sponsors for a total of $3,100.  In addition the major sponsor Capital Region Landfills underwrote the event tee shirts for $2000.

Command Central

Larry Syzdek, Eric Hamilton, and Norm Schartzer caught together near the communications trailer

I figure we had 115 hours of volunteer hours into this project with an equivalent value of over $3,100!  Through that effort we made many new friends and only teed off a few unhappy motorists (none of them Byway visitors).

Bottom line: the Byway came out ahead by $2,737.

Thank you all of you who helped in so many ways!  If you worked on the project and didn’t pick up your Giffy’s Bar-B-Q chicken dinner… well it got eaten.  If you didn’t get a goody bag including tee shirt I will get one to you on your request.

In addition to CapitalDistrict Landfills our sponsors included Jeff and Kim Hamilton of Kennesaw, GA, the G E Foundation, Brookfield Renewable Power, Mohawk Fine Papers, Stewart’s Shops, Shenendehowa Rotary, Halfmoon Family Dental, and Price Chopper/Golub Foundation.

These photos were by Tracy Perry.  There are over 2000 photos of the competitors and volunteers by Kristen Hislop.  Look for her collection on her Google+ page and search on her name.