At 6:40 AM I realized I was kicking frost as I scrambled to get out the parking signs in Isabel Prescott’s back yard. The sky was mottled with “wave clouds” each illuminated by fiery red light anticipating dawn.

This would be one of the coldest starts to the Duathlon in our 17 year history.

Shortly after 8:30 the competitors were off. Photo by Tracy Perry.

For a few statistics:

  • 92 people registered (down from previous years)
  • 55 individuals finished
  • 9 teams finished (an all time record!)
  • 18 Byway volunteers most are members of the Friends of the Byway
  • 9 Radio operators provided great communication
  • 5 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Volunteers
  • 2 deputies from the Saratoga County Sheriff Department
  • 1 NY State Trooper
  • 1 extraordinary I T person
  • more than 3 staff from the Town of Clifton Park
  • the fantastic crew from Riverview Orchard
  • the print shop crew from Modern Press
  • 3 timing crew
  • 11 sponsors for which we are most grateful
  • 11 event patrons
  • 2 Bar-B-Q caterers with scrumptious culinary results.

They all made a memorable event, assured that we all did it safely, and cleaned up before the showers.

For all these folks we are most grateful and share in the satisfaction of a job well done. Thank you!