dscn2233On February 3 the Town of Clifton Park will be hosting a stewardship hike starting from the Ferry Drive entrance to the Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve.  This walk led by Jennifer Viggiani often attracts botanists, natural history buffs, birders and other interesting naturalists who share their enthusiasm and their perspectives of what we see on the hikes.  This is an excellent opportunity to identify recreational and stewardship needs of the Preserve and get some idea about how wildlife is surviving the winter.

Dress accordingly and bring boots, snowshoes, crampons, cross country skis or whatever improves your winter mobility.  Don’t forget the camera!

I would like to see this type of stewardship expanded to other public facilities along the Byway.  From time to time…

  • the Spindle City Historic Society sponsors walks along the old Erie Canal locks that now line City parks
  • the Environmental Clearing House of Schenectady (ECOS) conducts hikes along recreational features in the western part of the Byway corridor; and
  • the Waterford Canal Society explores the current and old Erie Canal features in the Town of Waterford.

Let’s work together to establish and annual schedule of these activities and have a calendar of events available to our local residents as well as our Byway visitors.  This type of opportunity is what makes a visit to the Mohawk Towpath Byway a memorable experience.

I hope to see you on February 3 at 1 PM overlooking the Mohawk River at the end of Ferry Drive.